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First Drive Review- 2015 Acura ILX

Honda’s luxury brand Acura has always been the understated luxury Japanese import. When names like Lexus and Infiniti are your direct competitors, and BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi are often cross-shopped by consumers- making a statement and setting your product aside from the competition is important. The platform sharing is very obvious here, which Honda has done a pretty good job at keeping low-key. Lets be frank- this is a Civic sedan that went to Princeton and wears Gucci suits and Rolexes.

You get the choice of inline 4-cylinders displacing either 2.0L or a 2.4L. 2.4L only available with a manual transmission and is good for just over 200 horses unleased at 7,000 rpm in typical Honda fashion. The base 2.0L produces 150 horsepower at a lower 6500 rpm. Don’t even bother with torque, its minuscule, but sufficient. Average fuel economy is low 30’s, and it requires 91 octane or better- the automotive equivalent of drinking only Dom Perignon while the proletariat Civic is happy with Korbel.

You get a few trim choices, the most base starting at just over $27k. Opt for a fully loaded Technology Package equipped ILX you’ll pay nearly $32k. Essentially the Technology Package gets you Navigation, ELS Premium Audio and Sirius XM radio.

The suspension is nicely controlled and taut but not jarring. The transmission holds first gear longer than I would like and seems confused- for lack of a better term. The steering is very assisted, and does not provide much weight or feedback.  Like all members of the Acura family, the steering wheel is wrapped in supple leather, and feels very nice in your clutch. The front seats provide only minimal lateral support, but is nicely trimmed in your choice of two leather colors.

In summary, Acura’s entry level offering- the ILX- is everything you could expect- an entry level offering. Step up to the TLX if you want a true luxury sedan from a brand that knows how to make one.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for reviews of the rest of Acura’s lineup and some offerings from Infiniti.


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