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First Drive Review- 2010 Ferrari California

As a child with a passion for cars, you always dream of driving a luxury exotic Italian supercar. My job brought this dream to reality, when I was given the opportunity to photograph a Ferrari California in July.

The Ferrari California is a 2+2 hard-top convertible, sporting Ferrari’s 4.3L V8 mated to a 7-speed dual clutch automated manual, the performance is everything you could expect from an Italian supercar- breathtaking.

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This particular model wore a Grigio Silverstone Metallic paint and Rosso leather interior.

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Behind the stunning black wheels lives a set of enormous Brembo Carbon Ceramic brakes, complete with bright red fixed piston calipers. Wrapping the wheels is nothing less than the best offerings from Pirelli-P-Zero Neros.

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The engine bay is nothing if not majestic and elegant. Bright red intake manifolds call to Ferrari heritage, and a sport exhaust creates a very subdued, distinctly Italian rumble.

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Everything in this interior is wrapped in ultra premium Rosso Italian leather, and the thickly bolstered steering wheel features LED’s at the top, which range in color from green to red, and flash when the computer suggests the driver to upshift. The push button start and adjustable vehicle dynamics controls also reside on the steering wheel.

This vehicle had the optional 7-speed dual clutch automated manual, which is controlled by paddles on the steering column, and buttons in the center console. There is no park, you must pull both shift levers to put the transmission in neutral, and then apply an electronic parking brake.

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Interestingly however, the media interface is a touch-screen unit, FROM CHRYSLER CORP. The same unit can be found in everything Mopar from a top trim Chrysler 200 to a Jeep Wrangler.


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One wouldn’t expect the back seats of a Ferrari to be commodious by any stretch of the word, I would be surprised if even a small child could fit back there comfortably. Leave it to your Gucci bags or custom Ferrari luggage and you should hear no complaints.

This Italian stallion will be at home with the top down on Rodeo Drive, or screaming at 8,000 RPM on the Nurburgring- pick your poison.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next review!