I am a 19 year old Automotive Technology student in Phoenix, AZ. I work as a photographer for multiple car dealerships photographing their inventory and uploading the images to their websites and places like Cars.com and Autotrader. I own a 1998 Jeep Cherokee XJ and a 2010 Acura ZDX and plan to acquire more vehicles as the years go on. I built this blog to develop my writing skills before expanding my education and attending a 4 year university to study Marketing and Communication. I enjoy everything about cars, from the programming of the onboard computers to the dimensions of the wheels and tires. My family and friends are my rock, and inspire me to keep improving myself. I live my life with the drive to make myself better than the day before.

“No matter what happens, you’ve got to forget about all the other stuff. You’ve got to forget about the logic and fear and doubt. You’ve got to do everything you can to make this all worth it. At the end of the day; you’ve got to jump”





5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Michael, I’m Chris, the founder and editor-in-chief of Uptown Auto News. I have read some of your first drive reviews, and I have not been disappointed. I will definitely be following you blog, and I’d appreciate it of you’d follow mine, too.

    See you around!

      1. Thanks! I am actually in the process of updating UAN with new news articles right now, so look for new posts in the next little while.

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