Living With It Review- 2010 Acura ZDX SH-AWD Advance

A few weeks ago I traded my 2012 Mazda3 for this 2010 Acura ZDX from a dealership I work for. Some of the things I considered in the commitment for this new vehicle were:

1- Luxury Accomodations

Part of my decision to purchase this vehicle was because I wanted some luxury car features such as Navigation, Reverse camera, high quality surround sound system, adaptive cruise control, leather and a nicer badge to brag about. This Acura has every option from the factory and during it’s production was Acura’s flagship- this particular model reaching nearly $56k when it was new.

2- AWD Capability

Acura has had their SH-AWD (Super-Handling All-wheel Drive) offered in their vehicles for years and this was standard in every ZDX. In addition to the obvious increase in handling performance and stability in adverse weather conditions, Acura added electro-magnetically controlled “lockers” for the rear axle shafts. This allows for complete power to be sent to one wheel if all others experience loss of traction. Acura’s SH-AWD system allows for constant changes to power distribution and can vector torque between side to side and fore and aft, but defaults to a FWD bias in everyday driving to save fuel. I make frequent trips to Northern Arizona and having a stellar AWD system working underneath me gives me great peace of mind.

3- Larger Passenger Room, Cargo area, and Vehicle Size 

Stepping into what is essentially a squished MDX from a small Mazda hatchback was quite the transition. The larger size allowed for more comfortable accommodations for myself and my passengers. The larger cargo area was beneficial for my work equipment and the taller ride height has eliminated the need to be constantly bent over while working out of the trunk.

4- 3.7L V6 and Technology

I have always longed for a V6 when commuting with the Mazda and the smaller 2.0L I4. The J37A V6 creates 300 horsepower and 276 lb-ft of torque and the 11.2:1 compression ratio means the ZDX drinks premium fuel. I average 19mpg in mixed city driving and have reached 25mpg on a long freeway-only road trip. Considering this beast weighs 4,450 pounds and all four wheels are powered, the fuel economy numbers are mildly impressive. The Advance package was an all-inclusive package which included everything in the Technology Package and added a few exclusive options. In total, the technology features on this vehicle are as follows:

Adaptive Cruise Control & Collision Mitigation Braking System

Navigation, Reverse Camera, and Blind Spot Monitoring

ELS Surround Sound System

Heated and Ventilated Seats

Integrated Dynamics System (Adjustable Suspension, Steering, and Transmission Calculations)

5- Exclusivity and Style

Over the course of 4 production years, Acura made approximately 6,000 units, which makes the ZDX a very rare and exclusive vehicle. The styling is very polarizing, and a lot of people dont know what kind of vehicle it is- this confusion and mystery was very attractive to me, and I personally think the design of this vehicle is futuristic, and clean and robust.

IMG_0009 IMG_0014 IMG_0037 IMG_0041


I enjoy that I get to have a luxury vehicle, and also retain the reliability that Acura is known for. All the technology features included in this vehicle are a treat every time I pilot the ZDX. The powertrain works well and is powerful but still quiet and poise. I like the adjustable suspension, which offers Comfort and Sport settings, both of which give new personalities to the car. The seats are firm, but comfortable, and the ventilation feature is much appreciated during hot summers. All interior materials are of high quality and leather is soft grain, but durable.


Premium is $0.43 more per gallon than regular fuel in my area, and it adds up when filling the 21 gallon tank. The transmission is usually in a gear too high during cruising (to save fuel economy) but when you put your foot in it, it has to unbury itself from an extra gear. The ELS sound system, even with standard subwoofer, doesn’t seem to be as hearty as one would expect from a premium vehicle. When set in Comfort mode, the suspension is slightly too boaty, and I would appreciate a little more control. The navigation system could use and update, but isnt a huge issue.

So that in summary, is my review of my 2010 Acura ZDX. Hope you enjoyed reading, and feel free to ask any questions about my vehicle, my dealer, or anything else.


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